Friday, August 21, 2009

The Time Traveler's Heiney... I Mean WIFE!

"Please, make her stop talking about my butt..."

So I went to see The Time Traveler's Wife today. Which should have been named The Time Traveler's Heiney! Of course I'm not complaining because, hello, it's Eric Bana and he has a mighty fine heiney. It was good though, nothing amazing as far as time travel movies go. I mean we have the obvious questions going through our heads when we watch this one. Why didn't he go back and do this or that? and If he knew about this or that then why didn't he do something else? Yadda yadda. Plus the confusion of when and what and how he knows or doesn't know something. Like, if he goes back and sees one scene many times, then wouldn't he have also gone back and seen other scenes multiple times? So he would have already known the things he was finding out along the way... and did I mention his butt? It's a real shame that his clothes couldn't time travel with him. A real shame! I mean I had to sit there and endure this for 2 hours... a bucket of popcorn... and Eric's butt... it was pure torture I tell you!!!

Anyhow, it was a little slow and I think the fact that the previews now days give away too much of the movie... I just knew too much going into it. I would be curious to see how people who have read the book liked the movie. Did it stay true to the book? Did they describe Henry's nakedness properly? Did they mention the roundness? The cheeks? Oh ok, ok, I'll stop. I wish Gerard Butler would have gone out for this role!!!! Wooooo! Talk about cheeks! :p