Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kidco Convertible Crib Rail at BabiesRUs

My little man has official transitioned to a toddler bed. Woe is me, my baby is growing up! :( His crib converts to a toddler bed and then a full sized bed but the only problem is that we never bothered to buy the safety rail for the toddler bed part! (We did get the parts for the full sized conversion tho.) So anyway, we searched and searched and found this universal type rail to attach to the front - instead of just having it open like a day bed. It's working perfectly for us because there is just enough room for him to get out but not enough that he will roll out. Plus it is super sturdy and doesn't budge once it's in place. Hubby's only complaint was that the directions stunk - some pictures to go along with the written instructions would have been helpful.

The transition was so smooth and his routine hasn't even been disturbed and I really think it's because we were able to keep his surroundings the same. I only had to remind him a few times, right after I tucked him in the first night to stay put. Now he even waits for me to get him up in the morning! I was so worried about this change and really dreading it but so far so good! He even hits the button to play his music and goes back to sleep for about a half hour in the morning, just like he did in his crib.

So if anyone is like me and has the convertible bed but forgot to get the rail - check this out. I'm actually glad we didn't get the manufacturer rail because this one has more coverage. It's not the prettiest thing ever but it is unfinished so you could even stain it to match the crib. Plus the rail easily detaches so you can slide it under the crib when people come over or something. It's the ONLY universal safety rail that I've found for convertible cribs. And I didn't have to wait on crazy delivery times since it was in store already. It would have taken 16 weeks for the rail from the manufacturer! Crazy! Especially when your little one climbs out of the crib one morning and you're in a panic over what to do. lol We were able to run to the store the next day and get this.

Anyway, hope everyone is having a great weekend!!! :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kansas City - Kid Friendly Activities?

We're in KC this week and wondering if anyone has any kid friendly activities to share for this time of year?

When the weather is nice we have plenty of options but it seems like with this cooler weather we're stuck. We've hit the bookstores, mall playgrounds, indoor bouncy places, Bass Pro Shop (for this fish! lol), tons of restaurants, etc.

What else is fun to do???

Friday, March 13, 2009

White Cloud Supreme Diapers from Wal-Mart Discontinued?

So as is the story with everything I like and fall in love with and vow to buy until the day I die... my very favorite brand of diapers, White Cloud Supreme, from Wal-Mart, is being discontinued. *Insert Charlie Brown UUUUUGGGGHHHH here*

I sent hubby out last week for diapers and he came back with the wrong kind. He said he looked but they were out. "They're never out! You must be wrong!" So I go out a few days later and sure enough - they're wiped out of everything but a few of the smaller sizes. I tried a few other Wal-Mart's and finally asked an employee tonight - Yep, they're not making them or the Parent's Choice diapers anymore. And she had no clue why because they were their best selling diapers.

Does anyone use these? Are you bummed? Wish Wally World would have given some notice? I guess I'm moving on to my next favorite brand - Huggies - until we're potty trained - which shouldn't be too long.

What's your favorite brand of diapers???